At Blazed, we're driven by a passion for sustainable fashion and a commitment to empower both the women who wear our garments and the skilled artisans who bring them to life. Our story began with Brooke Spann, an Australian fashion stylist who, upon moving to California, envisioned a fashion brand that transcended mere style.


Brooke's dream wasn't just about creating beautiful clothing; it was about fostering empowerment, positive environmental impact, and fair employment practices. Her inspiration came from the eye-opening documentary 'The True Cost,' which peeled back the layers of the fashion industry's impact and ignited her determination to build a brand from a distant aspiration into an urgent mission.

The Blazed Mission

Blazed Vintage was born from Brooke's realization that certain pieces, like blazers, are more than just fashion—they're confidence and timelessness woven into fabric. Today, Brooke meticulously sources premium vintage blazers from around the globe. These pieces are then handed over to our talented artisans in California, who skillfully upcycle and tailor each garment into a unique masterpiece.

Our Commitment

We're dedicated to creating a brand where every garment tells a story, where sustainable style meets individuality. Our partnership with skilled artisans ensures fair wages and a healthy work environment while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Join Our Journey

At Blazed Vintage, we invite you to be part of our narrative. Celebrate your unique style, and join us in building a fashion legacy that empowers, respects, and leaves a positive mark on our world.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Brooke Spann
Founder, Blazed Vintage

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